Mr. Osomatsu Gets 3rd Season in October

The website of the anime Mr. Osomatsu, officially announced that the anime will get a third season and that it will be broadcast on TV Tokyo in October this year.

A new teaser was also released:

Mr. Osomatsu is a comedy anime television series from 2015, produced by Studio Pierrot. It continued the manga Osomatsu-kun by Fujio Akatsuka and its film adaptations. It was created on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the illustrator, who died in 2008.

Mr. Osomatsu Cover

The plot revolves around the sextuplets of the Matsuno family. While the earlier series was about their childhood as ten-year-olds, they are now 20, but they are all unemployed and rarely seriously looking for a job. So they still live with their parents Matsuzo and Matsuyo. The “oldest”, Osomatsu, still sometimes plays the leader of the six siblings. Karamatsu thinks he is especially cool and flirts with most of the women he meets. The clever Choromatsu is often the voice of reason and tries hard to keep others from getting trouble. Ichimatsu prefers privacy, is shy and likes cats; the fifth brother Jushimatsu is always boisterous and cheerful, but also the dumbest of the six. The carefree Todomatsu is the “youngest” of the six. Follow them as they master their everyday lives and go out job hunting, trying to pay their bills or fighting over food.


Source: Comic Natalie, Official Website

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