New Trailer For SCARLET NEXUS Released

Scarlet Nexus Game Cover

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment releases a new trailer for SCARLET NEXUS, the new action RPG franchise in which players must take on the role of Yuito Sumeragi and explore the secrets of a brain punk future between technology and psychic abilities.

SCARLET NEXUS, a strange life form, called “Others”, appears and begins to ruthlessly use the brains of living beings on Earth – including humans. In order to fight this new kind of enemy, the “Other Suppression Force” (OSF) is founded in the city where the mind power was developed – New Himuka.

The OSF is made up of the only people capable of defeating the others, blessed with particularly pronounced psychic abilities and regarded by the population as true heroes.

Each year more and more recruits join the ranks of the OSF to become part of the endless struggle between humanity and the others. Among them is Yuito Sumeragi, a smart and positive recruit with a good heart. He is the second son of the respected Sumeragi family. One of his ancestors was the founding father of New Himuka. He has gone through intense training to be able one day to help and save the citizens of his town – just as he was once saved from another by a member of the OSF.

SCARLET NEXUS will be available for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC(via Steam).


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